Learn the Basic Facts About How to Sell Your Gold Dental Crowns for Cash Right Away

Learn the Basic Facts About How to Sell Your Gold Dental Crowns for Cash Right AwayIt might be fascinating to know that dental crowns made of gold have been used for more than a thousand years. Gold has been the preferred material for nearly all-metal crowns for millennia, although other metals have been employed.

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How we calculate the value of your dental crown

Gold content in dental metal alloys used to make gold crowns and bridges varies substantially. They could be made of gold that is 10 to 18 carats pure. (24 carat gold is pure.) Average gold purity is 11.5 karats, or 47.9%.

What the pawnshop can pay depends on the crown’s weight, bridge’s metal content, and gold’s current market price.

The dental gold alloys also contain other metals such as palladium, silver, chromium, nickel, copper, tin, etc. It can be extremely challenging to recover all of the gold throughout the refining process since some of these and other trace elements interact with gold in this way. Unfortunately, some gold crowns look gold but actually contain very little or no gold.

How much you can expect to get for your gold dental crown, bridge, or other dental gold

The value per crown may range from nothing if they have no gold content to as much as $200, with the majority falling in the region of $40 to $90 apiece due to the wide variance in the market price for gold, various metal alloys utilized, and the actual weight of crowns.

Bridges typically cost more than single gold crowns since they are typically heavier and more valuable. The key is to talk to a pawnshop like GNJ Pawn Big that is experienced in providing quotes for dental gold and other scrap gold.

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