We Pay Top Dollar for Your Precious Metal Coins

Sell CoinsInterested in a quick, easy, and profitable way to unload your precious metal coins? Bring them to Gems & Jewelry Inc. Our expert appraisers will tell you what the coins are made of and then provide a sale price based on the value of that metal and the weight of the coin. If you choose to accept our offer, you can walk out with cash for your coins instantly! It really is that simple.

Sell Coin CollectionsMany people like to collect coins, but selling a coin collection can be a difficult and tedious process, especially for people who may have inherited the collection and don’t really care about coins. Rather than searching coin registries to find out what each individual coin may be worth based on rarity and then looking for a buyer, you can just bring the whole collection to us and sell based on the value of the metals. One simple transaction, and you’ve gotten a great value for that coin collection.