What We Buy

Bring Us Your Treasures and Walk Out with Cash – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Sell Gold, Jewelry, and GemsAt Gems & Jewelry Inc., we give every seller a fair price on just about any gold, gems, jewelry, watches, or other precious metal items they wish to sell. Check your drawers and closets for the following items, bring them to us, and walk out with cash the very same day. We buy:

Coins: We buy precious metal coins, primarily gold and silver, from any country in the world. Not sure what your coins are made of? Just bring them in, let us appraise them, and you might be pleasantly surprised by how much cash you can receive.

Precious Gems: Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite, pearls, opals, diamonds—you name it, we’ll buy it! We offer competitive prices on all kinds of loose and set precious gems.

Diamonds: We specialize in large diamonds ranging from 1 to 10 carats in weight. This means that depending on the size and quality of your diamond, you could walk out our door with anywhere between $5,000 and $100,000 cash!

Rings: We’ll give you the best price on gold, silver, or platinum rings. We evaluate the rings based on the quality and quantity of the metals and gems involved, rather than as jewelry, so you know you’re getting a fair appraisal of the objective value of your rings.

Sell WatchesWatches (including Rolex): Not sure what your fine watch is worth? Bring it to us and let us make you a fantastic cash offer you simply can’t refuse.

Necklaces/Bracelets: Do you have a broken or damaged necklace or bracelet? Not to worry—if it includes precious metals or gems it’s still worth something. Simply bring your necklaces and bracelets to our Antelope Valley store and we’ll offer you the best cash price available.

Silver: Gold may get all the attention, but silver is still quite valuable! Bring us your silver jewelry, souvenirs, and other items and walk out with some extra cash in your pocket.

Silver Sets: Sterling silver flatware, tea sets, coffee sets…if it’s made of solid silver, it’s valuable! We’re proud to offer high cash payments for all types and styles of silver sets, even if they’re damaged or incomplete.

Dental Gold: We buy high-quality dental gold. We’ll give you a great price based on the karat weight of the gold so you can trade your old gold tooth for a wad of cash.

Gold Dust: No, it’s not the gold rush days but if you do happen to find yourself in possession of some gold dust, we’ll buy it! You can trust us to give you the best cash price for your gold dust.

Scrap Gold: Don’t throw away your broken gold jewelry, watches, tie pins, and other items! Instead, bring us this scrap gold and walk out with some fast cash the very same day.

Platinum: We buy all platinum jewelry, regardless of age or condition. Our appraisers are honest and we guarantee you’ll get a fair price for your platinum when you bring it to Gems & Jewelry Inc.