Precious Gems

Walk Out with Instant Cash for Your Precious Gems

Sell Precious GemsLet’s face it—an unset gem isn’t of much use to most people. Maybe you have a ruby that popped out of its setting or an unset diamond from a ring that never got made. Unless you’re a jeweler, there’s not much you can do with these loose stones! Given the high price of gold today, creating a custom setting for your loose gems is probably out of the question.

Fortunately, you can bring your loose rubies, emeralds, diamonds, tanzanites, pearls, and other precious gems to our Antelope Valley store and get instant cash for them. We promise to provide a fair price for your gems and we guarantee you’ll feel safe and secure through the selling process. Even if your gem’s worth thousands of dollars, we’ll still pay you in cash the very same day. So why not bring us those useless loose gems and walk away with some very useful cash?