Bring Us Your Old Rings and Get Cash—Fast!

Sell RingsIf you take your unwanted rings to an ordinary pawn shop, you’ll get a lower price for broken, scratched, damaged, or just plain ugly rings. But when you sell to Gems & Jewelry Inc., you’re guaranteed to get the best price for your ring based on the objective value of the gold, silver, platinum, and/or gems in the ring. This means you can still get a fantastic cash price for your ring, even if it’s bent out of shape, missing a stone, or suffering from some other problem that makes it impossible to wear.

Our jewelry appraisers are highly skilled experts with experience in evaluating all kinds of rings, and you can rely on them to give you a fair valuation and an excellent price on any piece of fine jewelry you bring into our Antelope Valley store. You don’t have to waste time shopping around for the best price for your rings—just come to us and you’ll know you can walk out with a fistful of cash!