Learn About the Scrap Gold, Silver, and Coins We Buy

Learn About the Scrap Gold, Silver, and Coins We Buy

With gold prices lingering around all-time highs, now is still a great time to sell any unwanted gold jewelry. Yes, it truly is a seller’s market, and you can even get great deals on scrap gold or broken gold jewelry. The key is to know where you can sell your gold.

We at GNJ Pawn Big are committed to giving every seller the most money for their scrap gold. We welcome you to bring any gold goods you want to sell to our Antelope Valley location and let us give you an offer you won’t believe. Remember that everything you sell to us will be paid in cash on the spot, allowing you to get the cash you need the same day you sell your scrap gold to us.

Are you prepared to sell your scrap gold? Come see us right now!

Selling Silver

Although Great-Grandma’s silver tea set is lovely, it is unlikely to be of much service to you. Come on down to Gems & Jewelry Inc. if you’d rather have cash than another piece of silver to dust and polish. Bring us your silver jewelry, watches, flatware, tea sets, coffee pots, souvenirs, and other solid silver things, and we’ll make sure you get the most money for them.

What are you waiting for? Our appraisers are ready to make you richer. Come in now for a free evaluation and offer on your silver.

We Buy Precious Gems

Let’s face it, most folks aren’t interested in an unset gem. Perhaps you have a ruby that has burst out of its setting or an unset diamond from an unmade ring. There’s not much you can do with these loose stones unless you’re a jeweler! Because gold is so expensive these days, making a bespoke setting for your loose diamonds is definitely out of the question.

You may bring your loose rubies, emeralds, diamonds, tanzanite, pearls, and other valuable stones to our Antelope Valley location and earn cash for them right now. We guarantee that we will give you a fair price for your jewels and that you will feel comfortable and secure during the selling procedure. We’ll pay you in cash the same day, even if your diamond is worth thousands of dollars.

Contact GNJ Pawn Big now at (661) 224-1999 or stop by our convenient location to see how we can help you.