Get Instant Cash from Your Local Pawnshop for Jewelry That Has Seen Better Days

Get Instant Cash from Your Local Pawnshop for Jewelry That Has Seen Better Days

Do you have jewelry that you have not worn for many years? If so, you might have thought of selling it to a pawn shop, only to change your mind because you assume it is in bad shape. The good news is that even if your jewelry is old, damaged, or no longer in style, there are ways you could make money from it. Keep reading to get the facts and contact GNJ Pawn Big at (661) 224-1999 to learn more.

Sell Your Precious Gems Separately

If your jewelry has precious gems, but the setting is unsightly, do not worry – you can sell your precious gems directly to GNJ Pawn Big. If you have a loose gem that has popped out of a setting or that you bought on its own, we can buy these too. Unless you are a jeweler, you likely cannot do much with these gems – but we can.

Sell the Gold on Its Own

If your jewelry does not have precious gems but is made of gold, then you could sell it for scrap gold.
This is true even if the gold is tarnished and not in great shape. When you sell it as scrap gold, you are selling it based on its weight. The gold is then melted down with other gold so that it can be repurposed. In this case, the setting or style does not matter at all – it is only the gold content we are interested in.

Get Cash the Same Day You Bring Your Gold or Gems to Us

You might wonder: why should I work with a pawnshop like GNJ Pawn Big instead of selling the items myself? Are you likely to get more money if you can find a direct buyer who likes your jewelry as it is today? Maybe – but it will take you a lot of time. Skip those steps and bring them directly to us. We are able to give you instant cash – even if your gold and/or gems are worth thousands of dollars.

Do You Have Questions? We Welcome Your Call or Visit

If you are in need of cash, we welcome you to contact GNJ Pawn Big at (661) 224-1999 or to stop by our shop at your convenience. We are open during the pandemic and look forward to helping you get the finances you need to make it through this difficult time – or to simply help you clean out an old jewelry box that you are not using. Call or visit today to find out more about our process.