Following These Four Steps Can Help You Get the Best Price When Pawning a Rolex

Following These Four Steps Can Help You Get the Best Price When Pawning a Rolex

Are you looking to make some money from a Rolex watch you no longer use? Does your watch have negative memories you want to get rid of, or have you simply moved up to a fancier model? Whatever the reason is, if you are looking to pawn a watch, the following four tips can help you get the best price. You can also contact GNJ Pawn Big at (661) 224-1999 to learn more about your specific options.

  1. Clean the Watch
  2. If you clean the watch, it will look newer and as though it is in better shape. A clean watch is one that looks as though it has been well cared for throughout its lifetime. As we are assessing your watch, if it is clean then it is easier to check over. While cleaning an old, broken watch won’t help you much, there’s no question that a working, clean Rolex is likely to get you a better price than one that’s covered in fingerprints and caked dirt.

    Be careful when you are cleaning it that you use the right cleaners. You should be working with non-abrasive cleaners that are specifically made to be used with jewelry. Use a cotton cloth, warm water, and get the watch as clean as you can before you come in.

  3. Grab the Original Packaging
  4. If you can find the box the watch came in, and any paperwork that came with it, this is something to include when you bring it to us. This makes it easier for us to sell the watch to a potential buyer, which means that we can offer a premium price to you. You can likely still sell the watch without the original packaging, but this is a bonus.

  5. Inspect the Watch
  6. Before you bring it to us, take a little time to look it over. Do you see anything missing? Is there a stone or link that should be there? If you can see that there are any issues, you can look to see if you can find them in your home. Even if you can’t reattach them yourself, you can bring them in a bag with the watch. We are likely to be able to make these minor repairs ourselves, and this can significantly increase the price you get for your watch.

    While you’re at it, make sure that it works. You do not want something as simple as an old battery being what comes between you and a fair price.

  7. Replacing the Band Could Pay for Itself
  8. If the watch has been worn a lot, then the band might need to be replaced. If you are in need of quick cash then you likely don’t want to put any money into it, but if you are trying to get the best possible price, you might get a higher offer with a new band than it cost you to buy the band.