Don’t Miss Out on These Summertime Jewelry Trends

Don’t Miss Out on These Summertime Jewelry Trends

It might feel like we skipped right over summer, with coronavirus concerns and shelter in place orders. But this does not mean that you cannot enjoy jewelry on your few nights out a month. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting jewelry trends we’ve seen this summer. If you are looking to get a great price on an incredible piece of jewelry, stop by GNJ Pawn Big or give us a call at (661) 224-1999.

Foot Jewelry

As always, you are likely wearing sandals on hotter summer days. When your feet are out, take advantage of this spot to add extra bling. From anklets to toe rings, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can choose between something cute that will look great when you’re heading out to run errands, something formal that will look great at any event, or something in between the two.

Pick Up Some Bright Jewels

We are seeing a lot of pieces made with real gemstones and they are gorgeous. Blues in particular are popular this summer, though anything bright and natural-looking is bound to please. These are being seen in necklaces, rings, earrings, and every other type of jewelry you can imagine.

Shorter Necklaces Are on Trend

We’re seeing a lot of teens and early 20s folks wearing chokers this season. While it’s not comfortable for everyone, and they aren’t flattering on everyone, shorter necklaces can be a great compromise. If you want to sell some to your local pawn shop, ask your mom to show you the chokers she’s still got from the last time this trend was popular in the ‘90s.

Large Earrings

While delicate, shorter necklaces might be in fashion for the neck, the ears are all about big, beautiful earrings. Whether hoops or drop earrings, trends say you should accentuate your ears this year. Some folks are even wearing huge earrings in three or four of their earring holes per ear.

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Continue to Dominate

These are great summer colors and look great on people who have a tan. There are tons of options, whether you want rose gold or yellow gold. At GNJ Pawn Big we have a constantly changing selection of pieces for you to choose from.

Think of Jewelry Inspired by the Sea

When you learn that rose gold, blues, and flashy pieces are in style, what do you think of? If you are like many people, you might have thought of the sea – and for good reason. Not only are the colors and materials reminding us of the beach, but we’re also seeing some ocean-inspired shapes too, including pearls.

Do you need help finding the right jewelry for yourself or as a gift? Do you have extra pieces you want to sell? Either way, GNJ Pawn Big is here to help you.