Do You Want the Best Price When You Pawn Your Ring? Then Bring These Five Things with You

Do You Want the Best Price When You Pawn Your Ring? Then Bring These Five Things with You

If you are thinking about pawning a ring, you certainly want the best price for it – but how can you be sure that you are getting a good price? At GNJ Pawn Big, we are here to offer some advice: if you want the best price, then bring these five things to the pawnshop with you.

  1. Information on the Center Stone
  2. For almost all rings, the most valuable part will the center stone. As a result, you need to sure what it is. You might be able to tell just from looking at it if it is a common stone like a diamond, ruby, or sapphire. You can look up the unique characteristics of stones so that you come in armed with information on what type of gem it is.

  3. Information on the Type of Metal
  4. The highest value rings are likely made with silver, gold, or platinum. The value of a ring made with any of these metals is going to fluctuate daily, based on the price of gold and silver on any given day. To get the best price, keep an eye on the market and sell when the metal you have is high.

  5. Know How Old the Ring Is
  6. Do not assume that a new ring will sell for more. If you have a vintage ring, which is one that is between 20 and 100 years old, or an antique ring, one that is at least 100 years, then you can likely get more for it. However, you will need to establish the age. It is often harder to get paperwork for an older ring compared to newer pieces.

  7. Bring Any Certification You Have
  8. If you have any type of certification, such as a diamond certification for the center stone, this can be very helpful. It will list the carat weight, color grade, cut grade, and clarity grade. This helps to assure that we can give you a fair price – but remember that it is not required to sell to us.

  9. Bring Reasonable Expectations
  10. When you bring the ring to GNJ Pawn Big, it is important to understand that you are not going to get the full resale value. Why? Because we are not the end owner. We are a middle company. You sell it to us easily and with no hassle. We then take the time to market and sell it to its final owner. The advantage to you is that you can sell it instantly and with no investment, but the “downside” is that you will not get the full retail value.

However, you will find that we offer fair prices for nice pieces. Contact us at (661) 224-1999 with any questions or feel free to stop by our location in person.