Do You Know the Basics of Caring for Your Jewelry? Your Local Pawn Shop Offers Tips

Maintaining the appearance of your jewelry requires proper care. Every item, from fashion accessories to diamond engagement rings, looks better and lasts longer when it is properly maintained. Maintaining the value of your jewelry will help keep it at its original cost, which is great for both you and your wallet. Check out these tips for caring of your jewelry and make sure you stop by GNJ Pawn Big if you want to sell your jewelry.

Keep Your Jewelry Clean

When jewelry is properly cared for, it can become a treasured heirloom. But a lot of individuals overlook the fact that if they are not kept clean, their priceless items might also fade or tarnish. Jewelers advise cleaning jewelry as frequently as necessary to keep it in its optimum condition.

We advise avoiding harsh soaps or chemicals since they can corrode settings and harm metals. Similar to how jewelry should be taken off before swimming, gardening, and other household chores. Dirt particles or tiny objects can easily harm your jewelry.

Store It Correctly

Taking care of your jewelry will help it retain its original pricing, whether you have a sizable collection or only one or two pieces. You can accomplish this by protecting it from the elements and storing it correctly. You can avoid tarnishing and make sure that your jewelry is in its best shape for many years to come by practicing sophisticated jewelry maintenance.

Sorting your jewelry by kind is a smart place to start. For instance, put fine and costume jewelry into distinct piles. This might help you in deciding which ones are most significant to you and protecting them from tarnish.

Keep It Out of the Sun

Summer is a time for enjoyment and excitement, but it’s also a period when your jewelry may be exposed to dangerous conditions and severe weather. The strength and cleanliness of your jewelry can be harmed by sand, pool water, and even the chemicals in sunscreen. Chlorine is particularly terrible for gold because it can corrode and discolor it over time by creating microscopic air bubbles.

Although sunscreen isn’t quite as bad, it can cover the stones in your jewelry, making them less reflecting and refractive. Use your sunscreen and bug repellent a few minutes before donning your jewelry to prevent this. This will give the lotion time to completely sink into your skin before it touches your jewelry. Also, don’t forget to rinse your jewelry afterward to prevent the accumulation of extra residue.

Keep It Dry

The long-term health and longevity of your jewelry depend on you keeping it dry. This is particularly true for pearls, which are more prone to cracking when wet. When not being worn, it’s a good idea to store your favorite jewelry items in a designated, dry, dark space. This will prevent tarnishing. You can accomplish this by designating a certain area in your closet or in a drawer. To assist with this task, you can also try putting silica gel packets in your jewelry box. The longevity of your jewelry can be significantly impacted by a silica gel packet’s ability to absorb moisture.

Protect It

Jewelry is an investment, so it must be maintained in order to retain its original value. It needs to be stored carefully to prevent damage or theft, whether it’s an heirloom piece that has been handed down through the centuries or a brand-new jeweler-crafted piece. Jewelry should be kept out of the sun’s harmful rays and kept cool and dry. It means neither a humid cellar nor a stuffy, overheated attic are good places to store your priceless items.