Can You Really Sell Dental Gold? Yes, You Can! Get the Facts Today

Can You Really Sell Dental Gold? Yes, You Can! Get the Facts Today

Dental crowns have been in use for nearly 2000 years. There have been other types of metal used in crowns, but gold crowns are often the top choice for many reasons. If you have dental gold you do not know what to do with, then you will be glad to have found GNJ Pawn Big. We can offer you instant cash for your dental gold and other scrap gold.

Where to Sell Dental Gold

You might find online sources that will buy your dental gold. It is generally a long process during which you sign up and then send you a bag to send back your dental gold. You then send it to them, they appraise it, and only after you accept that appraisal do you get the money you need. This can take weeks or even longer.

Another option is to sell dental gold directly to a dental office. This might work if you have a lot of dental gold, but it is often the case that dentists outsource the work of creating crowns, and those who do it in house generally buy from companies that can provide a significant amount of gold.

The best option in most cases is to sell dental gold at a pawnshop like GNJ Pawn Big. Not all pawn shops accept gold, let alone dental gold, but we do. You can sell any other gold you have, along with precious coins and gems.

Valuing Dental Gold

The truth about dental gold is that it is not made from a consistent amount of gold. They are generally made with metal alloys that can have anywhere from 10 karat to 18 karat gold. On average, most dental gold is 11.5 karat, which comes out to just under 48% gold. As a result, the weight of the metal, divided by the amount of gold it is, multiplied by the going rate of gold, is what the pawnshop will take into consideration when we value your gold.

There Can Be Other Valuable Metals in Dental Crowns

No crown is made from 100% goal – there is always an alloy involved. Those can be worth money on their own. Some examples of the types of materials that might be present include silver, nickel, copper, tin, and chrome. However, know that when in trace amounts, they can actually interact with the gold in a way that makes it hard to get the gold out in the refining process. As a result, you might see that a crown looks gold but has very little actual gold in it.

If you have additional questions about dental gold and how to make the most money from it, we recommend you contact GNJ Pawn Big at (661) 224-1999 or visit our shop today.