Are You Looking to Make a Little Extra Cash? See if You Have Any of These Items Around to Sell

 Are You Looking to Make a Little Extra Cash? See if You Have Any of These Items Around to SellVirtually everyone has things lying around their homes that serve no practical purpose whatsoever. Why not turn these things, which are merely taking up valuable room, into something that you can use to make cold, hard cash? The following is a list of the top goods that many people already possess and that may be exchanged for cash at GNJ Pawn Big in a matter of minutes.

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Jewelry that was passed down

Even though it doesn’t fit your aesthetic and you’ve been dragging it around with you for years, maybe it had some significance to your great-aunt Bertha. She would not have wanted you to lug around her belongings for an indefinite amount of time. Bring it in to GNJ Pawn Big, where you will receive an honest appraisal of its value and also have the opportunity to walk away with some cash.

We are interested in purchasing anything, including rubies, pearls, tanzanite, diamonds, and so on; the condition of the item is not important to us. Who knows, maybe the object you have is more valuable than you believe it is.


Silver’s value may be overshadowed by that of gold, but it is nonetheless rather high. Bring in any old jewelry, souvenirs, silverware, tea sets, or anything else made of silver that you have lying around. High monetary payments are offered for silver sets, regardless of whether or not they are complete or whether or not their condition is ideal.

Dental gold

It’s true that you can make money off of anything, even the dental gold that’s been keeping your teeth in place for years. You can get a wad of cash in exchange for your gold fillings or teeth if you trade them in.


At GNJ Pawn Big, if you bring in an old, out-of-date luxury watch, you are certain to obtain an excellent price for it, regardless of the condition of the watch.


We appraise rings not as pieces of jewelry but rather on the basis of the quality and amount of the diamonds involved; this ensures that you will receive an accurate appraisal that is based on the true market value of your possessions.

You may walk out of GNJ Pawn Big with a great fat wad of cash if you get your stuff appraised there. So get on over here. Contact us at (661) 224-1999 if you have questions about the process.