Are You Looking for the Perfect Piece of Spring Jewelry? Check Out 2021 Jewelry Trends

Are You Looking for the Perfect Piece of Spring Jewelry? Check Out 2021 Jewelry Trends

Spring has finally arrived, and there is no better time to invest in quality jewelry. The most important thing to consider when choosing a piece is how much you like it or how much you think the recipient will like it. However, if you want to know what the most popular trends are, keep reading. Then visit GNJ Pawn Big or call us at (661) 224-1999 to learn how we can help.

Oversized Chains and Hardware

Statement jewelry is far from new as a trend, but in 2021 we are noticing an emphasis on large, oversized, and chunky chains and hardware. It is being compared to some of the larger jewelry pieces you would see in the 1980s glam shots.

Classic Pearls

Yes, pearls are a classic – and for good reasons. They are timeless, contain a unique luster, and hold their value. However, the pearl trends of 2021 are not the typical simple strand you would see. Instead, they are large freshwater pearls and large, bold, big pieces. Some designers are stacking delicate pearls with other jewelry for an over-the-top look.

Unmatched Earrings

If you drop a single earring on a night out, you no longer have to just accept that you’ve lost earrings. Instead, you can wear a single earring on its own. Some of the top styles in this arena include single drop earrings, long drop earrings, and studs. We see these combined, too, for truly unique options. Don’t believe this is on-trend? You need to look no further than Harry Styles to see it in person.


Yet another trend straight out of the 1980s, big, solid metal bangles are back in trend again. We suggest bangles made from gold, silver, or other precious metals. As to form, these bangles are often asymmetrical and have a lot of patterns, unlike the smooth bangles of yesteryear.

Long Necklaces

It is nothing new for the fashion trends that hit jewelry to go with the clothing trends, and that is what we see with long necklaces and big pendants. They go great with the flowy shirts and dresses that are showing up in all the clothing fashion magazines. Once again, we suggest metal, as they are the top trends, in silver, gold, or similar.

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