4 Tips to Help You Get the Best Price When Pawning Your Rolex or Other Designer Watch

4 Tips to Help You Get the Best Price When Pawning Your Rolex or Other Designer Watch

If you’re looking to pawn a designer watch, such as a Rolex, there are a number of steps that can help you get the best possible price. Check out our four tips that can help us give you the best offer. Then stop by or call GNJ Pawn Big at (661) 224-1999.

1. Clean Your Watch

First and foremost, know that a cleaner watch is going to look newer and better than a dirty watch. A clean watch indicates that you have taken care of the watch and that it is likely to be in decent shape. Generally speaking, no matter where you are selling your watch, whether at a pawn shop or somewhere else, the cleaner and more beautiful you can present it, the better the price will be.

Cleaning the watch does not have to mean buying special cleaners. Just grab your favorite non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaner. If you have a cleaner for jewelry, that is best. Otherwise, just use a paper towel and warm up some water. Run it over the surface and the band of the watch.

2. Bring the Original Packaging If You Have It

If you have the original box and paperwork that you got with the watch, make sure you bring it with you. This lets us present the watch better to the customer we will be selling it to, which means that we can get a higher price and can offer you a better price too. We need to have evidence that it is an authentic Rolex and the original packaging is one essential part of that. That said, we can still accept the watch without the packaging.

3. Inspect Your Watch Before Bringing It In

We recommend you take some time to inspect your own watch before you bring it in. Does it have any missing pieces? Are there links missing? Stones missing? If so, look to see if you can find them. If you do, put them into a bag or container and bring them with you when you visit us. We may be able to attach them for you.

If you cannot find the pieces this okay but of course you will not get the best possible price for your luxury watch. By taking the time to understand the shape your watch is in, you can come to our location with a better understanding of what you are likely to get for it.

4. Replace the Band

If you have had the watch for a long time and have worn it often, then it may have degraded over time. Depending on how long you’ve had the watch and the condition of the band, it may be worth it to replace it before you bring it in. Of course, if you are selling your watch because you need quick cash then you likely do not have the money to replace anything. That’s fine – bring it to GNJ Pawn Big and we will discuss your options.