You’ll be Thankful to Have $$$ in Your Pocket when you come to Gems & Jewelry Inc.

You’ll be Thankful to Have $$$ in Your Pocket when you come to Gems & Jewelry Inc.What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? This special holiday is just a couple days a way, so now is a great time to pause and reflect about what you’re grateful for. No matter what your situation may be and how many ups and downs life has thrown at you in 2017, there’s always something to be grateful. Maybe you’re grateful to have a job, a loving family, or simply a pet who likes to snuggle and play with you. Perhaps you’re grateful you have enough food on the table, or maybe you’re reflecting on some progress you made in your career this year. Perhaps you’re simply grateful for the way the rain gently falls down outside your window (finally – drought season is nearing an end!) and the way your kids’ school bus driver smiles as they get on the bus on their way to school.

Take a few moments to reflect – what are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

If you’re struggling to think of things you’re grateful for, perhaps we can help. Plenty of people are struggling financially right now, living paycheck-to-paycheck, and it can be hard to find joy and peace when that’s happening. If that’s your situation right now, you should know that you don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to struggle by yourself every day – let GNJ Pawn Big help.

Lots of people don’t know about GNJ Pawn Big. It’s the best place to come to get some $$$ in your pocket this Thanksgiving and all year around. You’ll be so thankful when you have a wad of cash from GNJ Pawn Big!

Items we accept

Turn your unwanted items into cash today at GNJ Pawn Big. We accept the following items for sale and pawn:

  • coins
  • precious gems
  • diamonds
  • rings
  • watches (including Rolex)
  • necklaces/bracelets
  • silver
  • silver sets
  • dental gold
  • gold dust
  • scrap gold
  • platinum

Get cash at GNJ Pawn Big today. It truly is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. You bring it
  2. We appraise it
  3. You get cash

Make sure you bring any original packaging and documentation that you have with your item(s). This will help our expert appraisers quickly determine the authenticity and provenance of your item and offer you the best possible price. Bring us your treasures and walk out with cash – satisfaction 100% guaranteed!

You can feel confident about selling or pawning your items at GNJ Pawn Big because we offer people the highest prices based on their objective value. That means that the price we offer is based on the precious metal and gems the item contains. Bring us all the valuable pieces of jewelry, coins, and other items that are simply cluttering up your closet and walk out with the money you need and want today.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at GNJ Pawn Big!