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Get the Most $$$ For Your Gold, Silver, and Platinum Items at Gems & Jewelry Inc.

October 6, 2017

Get the Most $$$ For Your Gold, Silver, and Platinum Items at Gems & Jewelry Inc.

Are you looking for an excellent way to sell your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry? Are you tired of the hassles involved with attempting to sell your items online? Then you should stop by years. We’ve built a well-established reputation for quality services and impeccable customer service. Bring in all your unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry today, and let us give you an offer you simply can’t refuse!

Selling items at

Selling your jewelry at is a thousand times easier than attempting to sell them online. All you have to do is come to our…

What’s the fastest way to get cash in Palmdale, CA?

September 15, 2017

Unexpected bills? Medical emergency? Back-to-school expenses?

What’s the fastest way to get cash in Palmdale, CA?Whatever the case may be, when you need money – FAST! — it can be hard to know exactly where to turn. It would be unwise to wrack up a huge amount of credit card debt, which will likely take you many years to pay off (plus you’ll have to pay so much in interest in the meantime), and you may not feel comfortable asking a friend or family member for financial assistance. The independent American spirit is alive and well in many people, and plenty of us are loathe to ask for help from others. Asking for a private loan from a bank can take an inordinate amount of time – plus you’ll have to deal…

We <3 Diamonds

September 1, 2017

We <3 Diamonds

to sell or pawn. If you know anything about diamonds, you know that size isn’t the only important factor when determining their value. Cut, color, and clarity are all essential factors that determine the value of diamonds.

Best prices for diamonds

When you come to to sell or pawn your diamonds, you can rest assured that our appraisers know about all the important factors in determining their value. Our experts will consider all variables to offer you the best possible price for your diamonds. We promise to give you the highest possible cash offer for your diamonds between 1-10 carats in weight at our Palmdale, CA store.

Loose or set?

Plenty of people are only interested in purchasing…

Get Cash for Back-to-School Supplies at Gems & Jewelry Inc.

August 18, 2017

Get Cash for Back-to-School Supplies at Gems & Jewelry Inc.

Can you believe that the end of August is already here? Students have already been notified who their next teacher will be and supply lists have gone out in the mail. Plenty of parents experience serious sticker shock when they realize how much of their hard-earned money they’ll have to spend on school supplies. But it’s not like you can just send your kids to school empty-handed, right? So what do you do?

There’s an excellent, easy solution right here in Palmdale, CA. Come to !

No, we don’t sell discounted school supplies – but we do offer people a way to get the money they need to buy whatever they need. Our process is simple, risk-free, and only takes a few minutes. Sounds…

Get Some Bling at Gems & Jewelry Inc.

August 4, 2017

Get Some Bling at Gems & Jewelry Inc.

Did you know that you can quickly turn your summer style from “meh” to “wow” at .

Have you always been curious about getting a luxury watch?

Well, stop being curious and do something about it! Come to , where you’ll find incredible deals on high quality, luxury watches for men and women. You’ll be amazed by how affordable our prices are compared to retail shops. Our inventory changes daily, so if you have…

Ready for an adventure this summer? Stop by Gems & Jewelry Inc. First

July 21, 2017

Ready for an adventure this summer? Stop by Gems & Jewelry Inc. First

Summer is the perfect time to create special memories with your friends and family. The end of school is just around the corner, if it hasn’t ended already. What are your summer plans?


Take a trip with some friends or family this summer. Explore a new culture or simply a new part of the US that you’ve never been to. You’ll never regret spending money on experiences that you’ll never forget. You’ll only regret not taking advantage of the free time you have available during these precious summer months. Don’t risk getting to September and wishing you had an adventure this summer – do it! Make plans now!

Do something new?

Perhaps you’ve never been zip-lining or white water…

Your Local Large Diamond Specialists

July 7, 2017

Your Local Large Diamond Specialists

Are you looking for a place to sell or pawn your large diamond? Do you live in Southern California? Then you’re in luck, because years, and we’d be happy to provide you an expert appraisal of your large diamond.

Factors that determine a diamond’s worth

Just because your diamond is large doesn’t necessarily it’s worth an enormous amount of money. The value of diamonds is dependent on many factors including cut, color, and clarity. The number of carats also drastically influences the price of any diamond. Our expert appraisers have many years of experience of evaluating the value of diamonds, so you can definitely entrust your…

Get Cash for Gold and Gems & Jewelry

June 16, 2017
Get Cash for Gold and Gems & Jewelry

Are you looking into the best way to sell your gold? Whether you have gold jewelry, bullion, coins, scrap gold, or anything else that’s made of gold, the absolute best place to sell or pawn it is !

Why? For so many reasons…

Unmatched convenience

Trying to sell your gold online can be an enormous hassle. Simply finding a buyer can take an inordinate amount of time, plus lots of people try to haggle you to lower your prices. When you finally do agree on a price and a pickup location, the buyer often doesn’t even manage to show up. Suddenly, he or she is totally ghosting you – not answering your…

Best Pawn Shop in the Antelope Valley

June 2, 2017

Best Pawn Shop in the Desert View Highlands, CA areaAre you looking for the best pawn shop in the Antelope Valley? There are a bunch of different options to choose from, but hands down, the best one is today.

Best prices for your valuables

Here at , we accept a wide assortment of items of sale and pawn including:

  • Coins (if it contains precious metals, we’ll buy it, no matter what country it’s…

Turn your Designer Watch into Cash at Gems & Jewelry Inc.

May 19, 2017

Turn your Designer Watch into Cash at Gems & Jewerly Inc.

Do you have a designer watch that just sits in your drawer all the time? Perhaps you occasionally pull it out, look at it, but then end up putting it back. Maybe you got it as a graduation gift last year, but you never really did manage to integrate it into your outfits. Maybe you just don’t like the look of it, or perhaps it’s simply not your style preference. Whatever your reasoning may be, there’s no reason to hold onto your designer watch any longer – instead, turn it into cold, hard cash at !

We love designer watches

At , we accept a wide variety of high-quality designer watches from top brands. Get the best possible price for your designer…